The use of equipment offered by PM Ecology enable accurate measurements conducted at the location of planned solar or wind power installation. Online and offline data loggers with off-grid power supply, good quality sensors and aluminum masts of 10, 15 and 20m height allow full site assessments necessary in the investment process.

Apart from reliable measurement campaigns, PM Ecology offers solutions for accurate and real-time monitoring of already existing solar and wind installations. In this way you make sure that the chosen energy source generates as much power as described in its specification.


With cloud based Online Data Monitoring System you have constant access to the data and can always keep track of the measurements. The data with 1 or 10 minute averages are presented on easy-to-use charts with zooming options and without the necessity to install additional software.​

For the advanced analysis of the data you will receive minimum and maximum values and standard deviation of each measurement. All the recorded and calculated data can be also downloaded as a CSV file for further evaluation.


Most of the renewable energy measurements are done with the use of Data Logger RADIO which transmits the data by GSM/GPRS modem. It has 4 configurable inputs of current, voltage and pulse type and can also work with 4 additional SDI-12 type sensors.

For low cost measurements without the necessity of online access to the data, PM Ecology has designed BASIC, ADVANCED and VISIO data loggers. Find more details about them in Products section.