PM Ecology offers complete solutions for reliable and accurate weather measurements for effective and smart farming. AGRO weather stations have been designed to supply up-to-date information about soil moisture, rainfall level, relative humidity and temperature readings, wind conditions and many more depending on the sensor used.  The station is powered by an autonomous  PV power system what makes it fully off-grid solution. Such station can be easily installed near the crops without the need to connect the power cable.

The data transmission frequency can be configured online in range 1min-24h. Together with the dedicated online data analysis system and wide range of tailor-made masts the AGRO station has everything it needs for modern and professional farming.


AGRO station sends data via GSM network with a chosen interval to enable maximum control over all important measurements. The data is stored in the cloud based system which is accessible by a web browser. The Online Data Analysis System presents the recorded values on multifunctional graphs and diagrams with the access to all historical data.  There is no need for additional software installation.

Easily definable alerts are a great help when fast respond is required. If the chosen value exceeds the selected level, you will be informed about that fact by an email or text message. Immediate notification will give you time needed to react adequately to the situation.


Every AGRO weather station and sensors can be installed on tailor made aluminum masts fitted to the requirements of a particular crop monitoring system. The masts offered by PM Ecology are available from 2 up to 20m height and come with a variety of bases and additional elements such as crossarms or sensor holders.

Every weather station provided by PM Ecology is an all-in-one set easily installed on-site.


Almost every weather station for agricultural use is installed in a remote location without the access to the grid. Having that in mind, PM Ecology prepared a solar power supply system that enables AGRO station to operate all year long. The system consists of a PV panel, 12V 24Ah battery and a solar charger. All electronic elements are placed in a specially designed metal mount box.

For the measurements which require only precipitation data, PM Ecology recommends battery-powered Aqua Logger RAIN Compact station. In typical configuration, the station send data every 24h during dry periods and intensifies the transmission frequency to 10 minutes during a rain event. With such settings Aqua Logger RAIN Compact operates for up to 10 years on one battery set. Additionally, the main power source is constantly monitored in the System which give you high security level against the loss of the measurement data.



The station is able to work with environmental sensors of voltage, current, pulse or SDI-12 type output. Select the set of sensors from the ones provided by PM Ecology or use other ones compatible with the station.

Types of sensors offered by PM Ecology:

  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • ambient temperature
  • relative humidity (RH)
  • rainfall
  • air pressure
  • solar radiation
  • soil moisture
  • soil temperature

If you need to check compatibility of your sensor with the station, please contact us at