The met masts manufactured by Wind2measure have been designed to be used for mounting weather stations with various sensors and transmitters. The height of the masts goes from 2m up to 20m with the possibility of fitting them to the requirements of a particular installation.

Each mast can be equipped with mounting for solar panel and mount box for battery and logger. Sensors are usually mounted on a specially designed and easy-to-install universal crossarm. All accessories and bases can be fitted to any mast diameter and used with chosen sensors.


The masts were designed for long term wind measurement as well as permanent meteorological applications. They are available in 10, 15 and 20 meters height.

The masts are made of aluminum and come with all necessary mountings and accessories for installation. There is no need for additional specialist equipment or concrete foundation.

Check out our instruction video from installation of a 15m mast set.


The height is fitted to the requirements of particular monitoring campaigns. Various methods of installation allow the masts to be fixed to the existing city furniture, used with a vehicle base or as free standing structures with a four-legged base.​

The masts are handy and easy to transport. They have been designed to enable quick installation and dismantling of equipment.

Check out our instruction video presenting installation  
of a 15 metre mast used for wind measurement: