Data Logger MICROPOWER is a universal device used for accurate, cost-effective and energy efficient applications used in environmental measurements. Remotely configurable inputs include voltage (0-10V), current
(4-20mA) and pulse type signals as well as SDI-12 standard. Serial communication is enabled with the use of RS- 232 and optional RS-485 ports (MODBUS RTU).

Built-in GSM/GPRS modem provides data transmission with user-selectable rate (1min – 24h). All measurements can be accessible through the intuitive web-based System or sent directly to user’s server.

Extremely high level of power efficiency (power consumption of <250μW in sleep mode) makes the device perfect for off-grid applications and for long-term measurements. Additional 3W PV panel can extend the lifetime of the logger and eliminate the need for battery replacement.


Data Logger VISIO presents live data via LCD display and is prepared to operate with wind speed, direction or temperature sensors.

Use the easily configurable display to present maximum, minimum or average values. The free data analysis software allows to analyse all the historical recordings data on precise graphs and diagrams.

With configurable alarms signaled by 2 LED diodes and battery or grid power supply, you get a professional solution for environmental evaluation and work conditions monitoring on construction cranes, yachts, greenhouses and in any location where live data is crucial.


Data Logger ADVANCED measures and records data from up to 3 inputs including wind speed, direction and rainfall and is also equipped with a  built-in temperature and battery voltage sensors.

Thanks to a free data analysis program all gathered data is presented on precise graphs, histograms and a wind rose with possibility to download the data as a CSV file. The logger is able to operate up to one year without battery replacement. Lightweight and high impact resistant waterproof and dust-tight IP67 housing enables outdoor installation even in severe weather conditions.


User friendly Data Logger BASIC is used for measurements of wind speed and direction or temperature and rainfall with good accuracy and reliability. Thanks to a waterproof enclosure and long battery life the device can be used indoors or outdoors for more than a year without the battery replacement.

The data can be imported from the internal memory via a IP67 USB slot with a USB stick and analysed with the free data analysis system on adjustable graphs or histograms. With accurate data and competitive pricing, this easy to use device is the best choice for specialists and individuals looking for reliable basic environmental measurements.