Aqua Loggers are fully automatic stations manufactured by PM Ecology and are dedicated to hydrological measurements. Each station consists of a chosen set of chosen measurement sensors, power supply unit, types of housing. All of them are equipped with a GSM modem for online data transmission.

The high level of power efficiency is the main feature which distinguishes Aqua Loggers among similar equipment in the market. The stations are an interesting alternative for measurement applications powered by grid connection or a large PV panel. Their installation cost is much lower and the formalities are significantly easier.

All measured data is visualized in automatic data processing System accessible through any web browser. The system has been designed for detailed and intuitive analysis of big data sets on multifunctional graphs. Remote configuration of the whole station, including setting up measurement and transmission intervals and text alerts, is done remotely through the System. Additionally, all PM Ecology hydrological stations can transmit the data directly to customer’s server.


The hydrological station used for level measuremnt on watercourses, water reservoirs or in closed channels. The use of the radar sensor ensures a non-contact measurement and eliminates the danger of damaging the
transmitter by ice layer.

Aqua Loggers RDR come with a wide range of mounting options including various mounting booms and fixings for closed channels. Each option secures the sensor from accidental or intentional damaging.

Aqua Logger RDR is typically powered by AGM 12V 55Ah battery. For example, if the measurement is made every 10 minutes and data is updated every 1 hour, Aqua Logger RDR will work continuously for minimum 5 years.


Aqua Logger HS is used with a submersible pressure transmitter placed at the bottom of a water reservoir or watercourse. It is recommended for locations with slight horizontal movement of the measured liquid.

The station is powered by AGM 12V 35 Ah battery. Such power supply enables the continuous work of the station with 10 min data sampling and online update made every 1 hour for 5 years at least.


It is a compact water and wastewater level station with a radar sensor. The logging device and battery supply are both enclosed in a 220 x 120 x 90mm housing. 

Such configuration allows Aqua Logger RDR COMPACT to be suitable for level monitoring in closed channels, sewage wells, small scale sewage pumping stations and similar locations where compact size of a device is important. There are three protection levels available: IP67, IP68 and IP67 ATEX.

The station is powered by a set of Lithium batteries placed inside the housing. With a measurement taken every 10 minutes and the data transmission made every 4hours, the station is able to operate for 5 years minimum.


Compact water and sewage level measurement station operating with a submersible pressure transmitter. The station uses a contact method of measurement – the transmitter is submerged in water or other liquid.

Unlike radar sensor, the measurement with a pressure transmitter is much less power-consuming. The station is especially dedicated to sites where frequent data sampling is required.

Aqua Logger HS COMPACT is powered by a set of Lithium batteries placed inside the housing. With a measurement taken every 10 minutes and the data transmission made every 4 hours, the station is able to operate continuously for 10 years minimum.