Aqua Logger RAIN and Aqua Logger RAIN COMPACT are dedicated to rainfall measurement. They are used either with traditional tipping-bucket rain gauges or technologically advanced ones with weighing measurement method. Each of the sensors can be heated if the measurement is conducted in sub-zero temperatures.

If an unheated rain gauge is used, Aqua Logger RAIN stations can be powered only by batteries. Exceptional power efficiency of data loggers manufactured by PM Ecology enables more than 10 years of continuous work and data transmission of the station on one battery set.


Aqua Logger RAIN and RAIN COMPACT are compatible with rain gauges of two world leading manufactures of such equipment: Lambrecht Meteo GmbH and OTTHydromet. Every pluviometer used by PM Ecology data loggers complies with requirements of World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

Precipitation gauges manufactured by Lambrecht Meteo GmbH are high quality tipping bucket sensors with full metal housing. The top models measure rainfall with the use of weighing method which is considered to be mostaccurate.

Rain gauges made by OTT Hydromet are acclaimed as the best equipment for rainfall monitoring in the world. They are a point of reference for the quality of other rain gauges for WMO. The measurement is taken only with the weighing method.


In case AC power supply is available, PM Ecology offers Aqua Logger RAIN station with full power supply system. It consists of a power supply unit, back-up battery, battery charger and microprocessor control system. The back-up battery provides operation of the whole station (without heating) in case of AC power supply failure.

Aqua Logger RAIN COMPACT is powered by a set of Lithium batteries, which are integrated with the data logger in one housing. It is the best choice for measurements conducted at prevailing temperatures above zero. Excellent power efficiency of PM Ecology data loggers allows regular updates of the measured data every 24h for approx. 10 years.


All current and historical data is transferred to PM Ecology’s server and is available through any web- browser. The data is displayed on multifunctional diagrams and charts. PM Ecology provides API specification for data transfer to 3rd party systems and applications. For users interested in direct data transfer to their server, PM Ecology offers open-source collector software free of charge. Contact us for details.

Measured data from Aqua Logger RAIN and RAIN COMPACT is sent through GSM network with frequency chosen by the user. The frequency can be automatically increased when the intensity of precipitation is higher than earlier defined level. When the chosen level is exceeded, the System also sends text and email alerts.