Sensor manufactured by PM Ecology offers ± 1.8% RH (at 25°C)  and  ± 0,2°C temp accuracy which places it among high quality products for high-standard meteorology use as well as environmental and industry measurements. The use of digital SDI-12 interface protocol makes the sensor easily compatible with wide range of data loggers.

The housing of the sensor is made of POM – C, highly rigid material known for its hardness, durability, good creep resistance and low water absorption. As the material is fully ESD resistant, the sensor can be installed in Electrostatic Discharge Protected Areas (EPA).


The piezo-resistive sensor used in the transmitter guarantees reliability and stability of the data and offers the accuracy of ±1,5mbar. Thanks to SDI-12 protocol the sensor is compatible with Data Logger MICROPOWER and number of different data loggers available on the market.

Sensor is installed in high quality enclosure made of ABS, which makes the sensor sturdy and impact resistant. The pressure is equalized by a special pressure compensation element installed in the enclosure box. This product is dedicated for professional environmental and industry measurements.


SSR1D solar radiation sensor uses photodiode as the sensing element. The device has been designed for constant outdoor use and the radiation is measured on the whole hemisphere with the full sight vision of 180°.

The sensor works great in photovoltaic, food farming, thermal convection and evaporation systems. It is fully compatible with PM Ecology data loggers and devices of other manufacturers with 0-3V voltage input.


Multipurpose ST1R temperature sensor has been designed for meteorological, industrial, agricultural or hydrological applications. Thanks to its waterproof  housing made of 316L stainless steel  and  IP68 protection, the sensor is suitable for severe environmental conditions.

Sensor can be used with a radiation shield for long term ambient temperature monitoring or as an independent sensor for soli, liquid and many other measurements. It is compatible with all data loggers produced by PM Ecology, namely: BASIC, ADVANCED, and MICROPOWER.