The development of computer based technologies and more precise measuring devices allow a wider use of monitoring solutions directly on the gravity sewerage network. Monitoring data is used for remote supervision of the sewage transmission network and distributed technological facilities. This not only reduces costs, but also increases the efficiency and comfort of operation.

PM ECOLOGY offers a comprehensive set of devices for monitoring both quantitative and qualitative parameters directly on the gravity sewerage network. Thanks to the widely developed GSM data transmission system and battery power supply, even an extremely dispersed infrastructure can be fully measured in a short time, without the limitations and additional costs associated with supplying power to the monitored location.


The level of wastewater in gravity channels is the basic parameter informing about the condition of the transmission network. First of all, it allows you to determine the maximum filling of the canal during normal operation. This helps you to get to know the hydraulic parameters of the network and estimate the connection possibilities in a given area, as well as plan modernization in advance in the event of expansion of a housing estate or creation of a new industrial plant.

Measuring the level of wastewater directly on the sewage system also allows you to quickly detect failures, clogging, overfilling or the formation of sludge. Online measurement and monitoring generates automatic alerts about exceedances, and enables immediate reaction and reduction of potential damages.

The Aqua Logger RDR COMPACT measuring station is a device dedicated to measuring the level of sewage in extremely difficult conditions, such as sewage chambers or sewage pumping stations.

The station’s GSM recorder and modem have been integrated with a lithium battery pack in a compact, very strong housing with IP68 protection. The operating time of the device on the lithium battery pack integrated in the housing for typical measurement and data transmission intervals exceeds 5 years.


Measurement of wastewater flow in open and closed channels that are not fully filled is an advanced parameter that allows you to learn exact operating characteristics of the entire network. The precise measurement of the amount of incoming sewage or wastewater also helps to control the operation of valves and wastewater treatment plants in advance. In addition, an accurate sewage flow meter enables real metering of large emitters as well as wastewater flows from other municipalities.

The Aqua Logger FLOW station is a wastewater flow meter dedicated to measuring the volumetric flow rate of wastewater or sewage. Two radar probes are used for this purpose. The first is used to measure the filling level, and the second is to measure the speed at which the medium is moving. The measured values ​​of the flow velocity and the sewage level, taking into account the actual shape of the channel, enable the calculation of the volumetric flow rate of the wastewater. The measurement is carried out using a contactless method, thanks to which the installation is simple and no elements are required to be mounted under the water or sewage.

The wastewater flow meter is equipped with an external Data Logger from PM Ecology. Measurement data from sensors connected to the recorder are sent via GSM network and can be read online in a dedicated web application or sent directly to the SCADA system via the OPC server.


Hydrogen sulfide in the sewer network is formed during the rotting of sewage. This process occurs most often in pressure pipelines between the pumping station and the expansion well, where the amount of oxygen to maintain aerobic conditions is insufficient. As a result, anaerobic bacteria develop, which produce sulfur compounds.

High levels of hydrogen sulphide cause a nuisance odor, pose a threat to human life and health, and lead to corrosion of concrete in collectors and wells. Thanks to battery H2S sensors placed directly in the sewage network, it is possible to improve the oxygen balance of wastewater and to check whether the neutralizing agents are dosed in the right amount. It also enables the enforcement of additional charges for emitters of putrefied sewage.

The Aqua Logger H2S measuring station is a dedicated hydrogen sulphide sensor to measure the concentration directly in the sanitary sewage system. The H2S sensor is used in places such as wells, chambers, sanitary sewers as well as sewage treatment plants and pumping stations. An electrochemical sensor is used to measure the gas concentration in the range from 0 to 1500 ppm. The sensor is covered by a housing made of 316L stainless steel.

The station is equipped with data logger consisting a GSM modem for transmitting measurement data. The device is energy-saving, which allows it to be powered by batteries. The operating time of the device powered by a 55Ah battery for typical frequencies of measurement and data transmission is from 9 to 32 months.


The diversification of industrial wastewater emitters, irregular emissions, and their non-compliance with established standards creates major challenges for the proper operation of wastewater treatment plants. In such cases, it is essential to directly measure the quality parameters of industrial wastewater with ongoing access to measurement data.

The main benefits of monitoring the quality parameters of wastewater are:

  • You get information on the discharges: you know what their content is, whether the sewage is homogeneous and whether the discharges are constant over time.
  • You can carry out continuous monitoring: you know about every, even the smallest change in wastewater parameters at any time during the day. You don’t have to rely solely on the quality of taken sample.
  • You know exactly when to take a sample for analysis: at what times, on which days and in what weather – so that it can be used as evidence, e.g. for the enforcement of standards or the imposition of penalties.
  • You can take appropriate countermeasures: the analysis helps you get information about the problems that are occurring and what causes them.

The control and measurement equipment is dedicated to measure the quality of raw sewage. The measuring station consists of a data logger, power supply system and selected measuring sensors that enable the measurement of electrical conductivity, pH, redox potential, hydrogen sulfide concentration, as well as sewage and atmosphere temperature. Automatic monitoring with an alert system allows you to detect the discharge of toxic substances before they reach the wastewater treatment plant.

The probe installation fittings are made of 316L stainless steel. The special shape of the fittings provides full protection against damage to the probes by substances and solid contaminants in the wastewater, and minimizes the risk of solid contamination from catching on the probes and fittings.


During measurement campaigns we install non-contact, battery-operated radar flow meters at key points in the network. Their indications are complemented by data from a rain gauge, which we install in a place representative of a larger area. Each device is equipped with a PM Ecology data logger, which transmits data to online system using a GSM / GPRS modem.

PM Ecology measuring stations do not need a permanent power supply. Thanks to this, they can be installed in any channel or well. You can also easily transfer them and check the network load on another section.

Thanks to the measurement campaign:

  • you will collect data for network modeling and calibration
  • you will determine the daily characteristics of the network
  • you will determine the actual throughput of strategic network elements
  • you will locate overloaded wells and sewers and learn about sewage spills
  • you base your decisions of infrastructure optimization on real indications

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