Water supply network monitoring is today an important work tool in waterworks companies. Properly selected and configured system of devices enables full management of the water supply network and minimization of water losses. The development of technologies related to the monitoring of water supply networks has resulted in the emergence of newer possibilities and solutions allowing more effective management of water supply networks.

PM ECOLOGY measuring devices consist of an electromagnetic flowmeter and a flood-resistant Aqualogger recorder with GSM transmission. Depending on the function and place of installation, the flow meters can be installed in measuring chambers or buried underground. The entire measuring system is battery powered with a lifetime of up to 5 years on one set of batteries.


One of the very important hydraulic parameters monitored in the water supply system is pressure. Adequate water pressure is essential to ensure continuous deliveries to end customers. In addition, sudden changes in pressure may indicate a failure of the distribution network and the formation of water leaks.

A suitable solution for dense and continuous monitoring of pressure in the network are battery-operated Aqualogger recorders equipped with a pressure transducer. These devices ensure measurement and recording of water pressure and temperature, and then sending real-time data to the SCADA system, as well as SMS and e-mail notifications in the event of failure.


The turbidity of water is a physical parameter and is a measure of the reduction in the relative transparency of water by suspended or dissolved particles. It arises as a result of disturbances in the transmission of light through the water layer as a consequence of its scattering and absorption by suspended particles contained in it.

Increased turbidity of water intended for human consumption is most often regarded as a problem concerning the acceptability of water by consumers. This view is not entirely correct, because although the increase in water turbidity itself does not pose a direct threat to human health, in some situations it may indicate disruptions in the water treatment process related to an increased risk of water-related diseases.

Aqualogger QLT is the dedicated device for measuring turbidity with high accuracy directly on the water supply network. The design of the probe enables its direct installation in the pipeline, which guarantees complete absence of water losses for the measurement purposes. Its distinguishing feature is its energy efficiency, which allows the entire device to be powered from a battery while ensuring a minimum of one year’s operation. This makes it possible to carry out measurements even on an extensive water supply network.


Chlorination is the process of water treatment and disinfection using free chlorine. Chlorination is a common disinfection method for tap water with minimal organic contamination and a low concentration of hard-to-remove microorganisms such as giardia or cryptosporidium. It is also used to control taste and odor, prevent algae growth, keep filter media clean, remove iron and manganese, break down hydrogen sulfide, cyanide and improve coagulation.

Monitoring the level of chlorine in the distribution system is necessary to ensure that adequate levels of residual chlorine are maintained to meet applicable quality standards and to ensure that excess chlorine is eliminated.

The Aqualogger CHL is a battery-operated chlorine measurement device directly in in the water supply network. The device can operate in a wide pressure range (from 0.2 to 0.7 MPa) with a low, constant water loss at the level of 200 ml / min. The battery power supply is sufficient for at least 6 months of uninterrupted operation and sending data when measuring once every 10 minutes.

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