Automatic weather stations produced by PM Ecology are precise and reliable tools for conducting continuous meteorological measurements. Each station is equipped with a set of sensors tailored to the individual needs of the user. These include sensors of wind speed and direction, air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, sunlight and many others.

Data from the station is sent via GSM transmission and is available to the user via a web browser. It is also possible to send data directly to the client’s server or local data transfer via a cable connection.


Measurement data from the station is visible in the Online System, which is available through any web browser. This system allows for a detailed and intuitive analysis of a large amount of measurement information on clear and multifunctional charts. It is also possible to download data in a CSV file.

The system also enables remote setting of the measurement and data transmission interval as well as the configuration of SMS alerts sent when one of the measured parameters exceeds the set value. Additionally, the Online System gives full control over the operation of the measuring station by monitoring the current parameters of the supply voltage, device temperature and GSM network coverage.


Aluminum masts manufactured by PM Ecology enable easy installation of a weather station with sensors and power supply system. The standard 2-meter-high mast of the weather station has been designed so that all cables leading from the sensors to the data logger are hidden inside the mast. This protects them against easy damage and increases the aesthetic value of the device.

In case of special needs, sensors of wind speed and direction can be installed on dedicated 10, 15 or 20m masts. Depending on the specific requirements of the user, the mast can be delivered with a free-standing base or for installation in the ground.


The automatic weather station is normally powered by a battery charged via a photovoltaic panel or directly from the power grid using a power supply. The version of the power supply from the PV panel allows full independence from another power source and allows the installation of the station in any location. However, this type of power supply cannot be used when any of the sensors has a heating system.

The battery also acts as an emergency power supply, which allows the station to operate for up to 30 days in the event of a main power failure. The voltage of the power source is constantly monitored in the Online System, which enables full control over the station’s operation.


Sensors with voltage, current or pulse outputs or compatible with the SDI-12 communication protocol can be connected to the weather station. It is also possible to integrate sensors through the RS232 and RS485 port. Choose your set of sensors from among those offered by PM Ecology or use others compatible with the data logger.

Examples of sensors produced by PM Ecology:

  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • ambient temperature
  • air humidity (RH)
  • precipitation
  • atmospheric pressure
  • sunlight
  • soil moisture
  • soil temperature profile probe

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