In most cities in the World, management of the rainwater and sanitary sewage system at critical moments is based on intuition.

  • The networks from several dozen years ago were designed for less dense development and more stable weather conditions.
  • Until recently, it was not possible to check what was happening in a closed channel or in a section of a stream that was difficult to access.

What was enough a decade ago may now endanger the city’s flood safety. Especially during violent downpours, which are more and more frequent in Europe.

The use of monitoring of precipitation and the level and flow of rainwater directly on the network allows to know the exact characteristics of the network operation and to identify problematic places. In addition, in a crisis situation, it is the perfect tool for analyzing the situation and ongoing management of the work of intervention teams in the field.


Measurement of the level of rainwater in rivers, reservoirs and closed canals is the basic parameter informing about the risk of water emerging from the riverbed and, consequently, flooding the areas where there is normally no water.

This function is perfectly fulfilled by the Aqua Logger RDR hydrological stations produced by PM Ecology. It’s exceptional energy efficiency, so far unprecedented in this type of devices, allows for a much longer operation time compared to other solutions.

The stations are interesting alternative in applications where metering systems powered from the power grid or a large PV panel are used. The costs of installing and maintaining the Aqua Logger station are significantly lower, and the procedures related to the installation are much simpler and quicker.

Depending on the selected measurement frequency and data sending, Aqua Logger RDR stations can operate on one set of batteries for up to 10 years. Measurement data is available in a dedicated IT system that enables remote configuration of the station, including setting measurement intervals and SMS alarms.


Measurement of the flow in open and closed channels that are not fully filled is an advanced parameter that allows you to know the exact operating characteristics of the entire network. It helps not only to identify the so-called network bottlenecks, but also to identify and detect irregularities such as network clogging or illegal dumps on an ongoing basis.

The Aqua Logger FLOW station is dedicated to measuring the volumetric flow rate of sewage or water. Two radar probes are used for this purpose. The first is used to measure the filling level, and the second is to measure the speed at which the medium is moving. The measured values ​​of the flow velocity and the water level, taking into account the actual shape of the channel, make it possible to calculate the volumetric flow rate of the water. The measurement is carried out using a non-contact method, thanks to which the installation is simple and no elements are required to be mounted under the water or sewage.

The measurement system is equipped with an external PM Ecology Data Recorder. Measurement data from sensors connected to the recorder are sent via GSM network and can be read online in a dedicated web application or sent directly to the client’s server.


Precipitation measurement is used to determine the amount of rain that is fed into the rainwater drainage network. Nowadays the heavy rainfall varies greatly in terms of territory. It may not rain in one part of the city, but will be flooding at the same time in another part of the city. Based on network modeling experience, it is recommended that one rain gauge should not represent a larger area than a radius of 3 km.

Monitoring the amount of precipitation additionally allows to create an integrated early warning system against sudden increase in water level and flooding. The system can be used at the stage of planning remedial actions to minimize damage to property and infrastructure in the event of heavy rainfall and flooding.


Modern, intuitive software for the ongoing analysis of measurement data is an indispensable element of any monitoring system. The PM Ecology system allows not only to read current data from monitoring devices, but also to analyze historical data and make comparisons and relationships between measurement points. In addition, appropriate alarm modules and online reports support the work of teams in the field and crisis management in the event of heavy rains.

Aqua Logger hydrological stations send data via GSM transmission with a frequency selected by the user. This frequency can be automatically increased when the measured level exceeds the appropriate value.

All measurement data is stored on the PM Ecology server and is available via a web browser both from a computer and a smartphone. The IT system presents parameters on multifunctional charts and maps and provides access to all historical data. It is also possible to send data directly to the client’s server or to the SCADA system using the OPC server.


Measurement campaigns are an effective and cheap way to check how the rainwater network works.

Thanks to the measurement campaign:

  • you will collect data for network modeling and calibration
  • you will determine the daily characteristics of the network
  • you will determine the actual throughput of strategic network elements
  • you will locate overloaded wells and sewers and learn about sewage spills
  • you base your decisions of infrastructure optimization on real indications

During the measurement campaign at key points of the network we install contactless, battery-operated radar flow meters . Their indications are complemented by data from the rain gauge, which we install in place representative of a larger area. Each device is equipped with a PM Ecology recorder, which transmits data to the system using a GSM / GPRS modem.

PM Ecology measuring stations do not need a permanent power supply. Thanks to this, they can be installed in any channel or well. You can also easily transfer them and check the network load on another section.

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