METEO Weather Station is an efficient and accurate device used for precise weather measurements. The standard data upload is every 10 minutes, however with the optional 1 minute interval the measured values are practically available in real time.

​The station can support up to 8 sensors including wind speed and direction, ambient temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, rainfall, solar radiation, etc. Together with the dedicated Online Data Monitoring System and wide range of tailor-made masts, METEO Weather Station has everything it needs for modern and professional weather measurements.


Cloud based Online Data Monitoring System allows detailed and intuitive analysis of great amount of environmental data. All measurements are presented on multifunctional graphs and diagrams with a customized view for each sensor. The full analysis can be done online on your laptop, tablet or smartphone in the web browser without installing any additional software.​

Fully configurable alarms will alert you by sending an email if a selected parameter exceeds critical value. The system also monitors the working parameters of the weather station such as main and back-up battery voltage, internal temperature and network signal level. All these functionalities give you excellent control over the METEO station.


Every METEO Weather Station and sensor can be installed on a tailor made aluminium mast fitted to the requirements of a particular measurement campaign The masts offered by PM Ecology are available from 2 up to 20m height and are delivered with all necessary elements for installation.​

The masts come with various bases for mounting.  They can be installed in the ground or with the usage of a 4-legged base.  If a short term measurement is planned, the station can be used with a vehicle mast base which enables easy and fast erecting and dismantling.


The station  is powered by a solar power supply system with 12V 18Ah battery or directly from the grid. In order to minimize the risk of data loss caused by main power malfunction, the data logger is equipped with a slot for 2 D-type (R20) batteries which work as a back-up power supply. In this way the GPRS modem will transmit the data for up to 20 more days after the main power loss.​

The main and back-up power sources are constantly monitored in the system which give you high security level against the loss of the measurement data.


The METEO Weather Station is prepared to work with up to 8 environmental sensors with voltage, current, pulse or SDI-12 type output. Just select the set of sensors from the ones provided by Wind2measure or use other ones compatible with the station.     ​

Types of sensors offered by PM Ecology are available in our online shop in section “Sensors” and include:

* ​wind speed
* wind direction
* ambient temperature
* relative humidity (RH)
* rainfall
* air pressure
* solar radiation

If you need to check compatibility of your sensor with the METEO Station, please contact us.