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Measuring equipment for surface waters, rivers, open and closed channels as well as for drainageand sewage systems.


Professional solutions for precipitation measurement with the use of tipping bucket and weighing rain gauges.


Automatic meteorological stations providing comprehensive information on current weather

About Us

PM Ecology designes and manufactures data loggers, sensors, and solutions for environmental measuements. Our equipment is dedicated for professionals operating in the following areas:

  • water and wastewater level monitoring
  • precipitation measurements
  • meteorology and hydro-meteorology

Thanks to the wide experience of our specialists, PM Ecology is able to supply complete solutions for enivornmental measurements including sensors, data loggers, power supply units, mounting accessories and software solutions for data visualization and analysis.

The main and distinctive feature of PM Ecology products is their unprecedented level of energy efficiency. Stations dedicated to water level and rainfall monitoring are able to operate continuoulsly for several years without battery replacement or charging. Such properties make PM Ecology equipment suitable for every location, especially for areas with no access to AC power supply.