PM Ecology meteorological stations are efficient and accurate devices for precise long-term weather measurements consisting of a set of sensors fitted to individual requirements of the user. The offered range includes wind speed and direction, ambient temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, rainfall, solar radiation, soil temperature and humidity and many other sensors.

All measured data is transmitted via GSM network to the dedicated Online System which is used for data visualization and analysis. PM Ecology stations also enable transmission of the measured data by serial communication through RS232 and RS485 ports or directly to the user’s server.


Cloud based Online System allows detailed and intuitive analysis of big data sets of environmental data. All measurements are presented on multifunctional graphs and diagrams with a customized view for each sensor. The full analysis can be done online on your laptop, tablet or smartphone via any web browser without additional software. For additional calculations, logged data can be saved as CSV files.

Fully configurable alarms will alert you by sending an email or text message when a selected parameter exceeds critical value. The system also monitors the working parameters of each station such as power supply voltage, internal temperature and GSM network signal level. All these functionalities give you excellent control over PM Ecology meteorological stations.


Every weather station and sensor can be installed on a tailor made aluminium mast fitted to the requirements of a particular measurement campaign The masts offered by PM Ecology are available from 2 up to 20m height and are delivered with all necessary elements for installation.

The masts come with various bases for mounting. They can be installed in the ground or with the usage of a 4-legged base. Standard 2m mast has been designed to run all the wires from sensors inside the tubes in order to secure the wires and add aesthetic value to the equipment.


The meteorological station is typically powered by a set consisting of a 30W PV panel or AC/DC power supply, both with additional 12V 24Ah battery which is used as an emergency power supply able to sustain the station work in case of main power supply failure. It enables constant operation of the station for up to 30 days in case of main power supply failure with 10min data upload interval. Additionally, the main power source is constantly monitored in the system which give you high security level against the loss of the measurement data.

Versions including PV panel make PM Ecology stations fully off-grid and enable installation in remote locations where access to AC power supply is limited.  PV power supply does not support heating modules in the sensors connected to the station.


Each of meteorological stations offers up to 20 environmental measurements and is able to operate with sensors of various outputs (4 x 0-10V, 4-20mA, pulse type and 16 x SDI-12). Just select the set of sensors from the ones provided by PM Ecology or use other ones compatible with the station.

Types of sensors offered by PM Ecology:

* wind speed
* wind direction
* ambient temperature
* relative humidity (RH)
* soil temperature
* rainfall
* air pressure
* solar radiation
* soil moisture 

If you need to check compatibility of your sensor with PM Ecology stations, please contact us at